6 August 2011

Bruce Lee fur-lined coat sold at Hong Kong auction

A fur-lined coat once owned by martial arts film star Bruce Lee has sold at auction in Hong Kong for almost nine times the expected price. It was bought by a US couple for HK$600,000 (US$77,000; £47,000).

The coat was worn by Lee in 1973 for the filming of Game of Death - which remained unfinished as Lee died later that year at the age of 32. The coat was worn by Lee for pre-publicity photo shoots and to the Hong Kong premiere of his best-known film, Enter the Dragon, shortly before his death.

Silvana and Greg Manning, the US couple who won the auction, said it was "a unique item and a memorabilia for an iconic figure".

Twelve other items, including a letter and a name-card, also went under the hammer, raising a total of HK$1.7m.

The items were all being sold by a private collector in what was the largest-ever auction of Bruce Lee memorabilia.

Picture By Inti
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