12 April 2011

Royal Wedding News Headlines (12 April 2011)

Why have the Royal couple invited Audi's head of PR to the wedding?
Daily Mail eported

By Robert Verkaik The Royal wedding is at the centre of controversy over an invitation for an executive at the luxury car company that gives cut-price deals to the Royals. Among those personally invited to the wedding breakfast by Prince William and ...


Royal couple to share balcony kiss on wedding day
Telegraph.co.uk reported

The couple are determined not to have a “celebrity” wedding, even though guests will include Sir Elton John and David and Victoria Beckham. Guests at the Abbey and reception in Buckingham Palace will be allowed to keep their mobile phones but, ...

BBC bows to republican pressure ahead of Royal wedding
Telegraph.co.uk reported

"We have spoken to a media lawyer and we think the BBC has a legal obligation to be impartial and unbiased in covering the Royal wedding." But he criticised the BBC for not going far enough by treating the wedding as a celebrity occasion rather than as .. 
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