29 March 2011

Royal Wedding News Headlines (29 March 2011)

Royal Wedding: Will Kate Middleton always live in the shadow of style queen Diana?

Daily Mail

The Princess Diana Collection
And today, as Kate Middleton counts down the hours to her impending nuptials, she may not entirely welcome the news that Diana's magnificent silk taffeta gown has topped a list of wedding dresses worn by royal and celebrity brides. ...

Royal wedding fever at Grasmere

Westmorland Gazette

Reception pupils will play Prince William, Kate Middleton, and other royal guests while Years One to Three children will be invited as celebrity guests. A Rolls-Royce will transport the happy couple back to a reception held at school.

People in the News

Columbus Dispatch

With the April 29 royal wedding fast approaching, Prince William's bachelor party came and went during the weekend with little more than a peep from partygoers and Buckingham Palace. "It has happened. We are not giving any details," said a palace ... 
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